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Continuing a Legacy of Musical Heritage


Salem Music takes pride in its rich musical heritage, which dates back to the 1940s.

After serving our country in World War II, Ed DiFiore Sr., a talented musician who had been playing accordion and piano since childhood, returned to Ohio and established his own band.

Encouraged by his wife Hilde, Ed DiFiore Sr. later ventured into the world of retail music and opened a music store and school in Cleveland, Ohio.

Over the years, DiFiore’s Music retail store flourished, growing to become one of the largest music stores in the Midwest, catering to a wide customer base and stocking renowned musical instrument and accessory brands.

Our family store also became a popular hub for famous musicians passing through Cleveland, as they would often grace us with their presence and leave their signature on our illustrious “Wall of Fame.”

At Salem Music, we remain committed to carrying forward this musical legacy.

While we have closed our family retail store in 2008, we continue to honor our heritage by supplying high-quality music products to our wholesale customers across the nation.

Salem Music Wholesale understands the unique needs of both our wholesale and retail customers and strive to provide exceptional service and support.


Edward “Chip” DiFiore Jr.


Ed DiFiore Sr.

Amidst the fiery chaos of the Pacific Theatre in World War II, Ed Difiore Sr. stood unwavering, a beacon of resilience. In the heart of that war-torn hell, he carried a remarkable spirit, always finding time to grace the darkness with his infectious smile. After his deployment, when the battles had subsided, Ed returned home with a newfound purpose burning within him. Fuelled by his love for music, he gathered kindred spirits, forming his very first music group.

Late 1940’s

The DC Three Band

In the vibrant era of the late 1940s and early 1950s, Ed Difiore Sr. emerged as a captivating musical force, assuming the role of bandleader for his own cherished ensemble: The DC Three. With a passion for rhythm and an unwavering dedication to his craft, Ed steered his band on a resounding journey through the realms of music.

Late 1950’s

DiFiore’s Music House

Captured in a photograph from the late 1950s, Difiore’s Music House on Lorain Ave. in Cleveland, Ohio, stands as a testament to a vibrant era of musical discovery and community.

1970’s – 1990’s

DiFiore's Music House - Ed DiFiore - Wall of Signatures

DiFiore’s Music –
Wall of Signatures

Adorning the walls of DiFiore’s Music Shop in Cleveland, Ohio, was a testament to the profound impact the store had on musicians from near and far—a magnificent wall of signatures. This mosaic of ink etched upon the surface embodied the spirit of a place that welcomed both local talents and renowned rock stars.


Ed Difiore Sr - Playing Accordian - 1990's

Dad’s Love

Playing music was Dad’s Love (Ed DiFiore Sr), you can see it in his smile.
This picture was taken in the early 90’s with our family friend Lori Pass.
The Love and Passion for music is still alive at Salem Music Wholesale.

1990’s – 2000’s

DiFiore's Music Store - 1990's

DiFiore’s Music Store
Cleveland, Ohio

This captivating image captures the essence of DiFiore’s Music Shop during the 1990s to the early 2000s. The photograph stands as a reminder of a time when the store thrived as a hub of creativity, inspiring countless musicians and nurturing a community of passionate artists.

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