Martin M625 Premium Polygut Ukulele Strings – Tenor Gauge (Graphite Gray)

Martin M625 Premium Polygut Ukulele Strings – Tenor Gauge (Graphite Gray)

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Martin’s Premium Polygut Ukulele Strings provide an easy playing feel, excellent projection, and a balanced, clear tone. Made from graphite gray polygut, these strings offer the precise tones and exceptional projection that you need. Designed to produce a warm, mellow tone, these tenor-gauge strings provide excellent tuning stability and playability so your ukulele can stand up to rigorous practice and performance schedules. This pack of professional-grade strings will last through long sing-alongs, late-night practice sessions, and plenty of performances. It’s an ultra-reliable set of strings that you can take on tour or keep in the studio. Whether you’re a beginner or professional musician, this set of ukulele strings will help you play to your potential. Lead a sing-along around the campfire or provide the background music while the sun sets at the beach. With these ukulele strings, you’ll be able to play to your heart’s content.

With this pack, you’ll receive 4 tenor-gauge ukulele strings designed for optimal playing performance. The A string measures 0.0236″, the E string measures 0.0295″, the C string measures 0.0326″, and the G string measures .0244″. This total set of ukulele strings features a tension of 37.1, making it easy to get a warm, mellow tone with an ultra-flexible feel.

Martin Guitar has been producing high-quality, musician-choice instruments and accessories since 1833. The Martin Premium Polygut Ukulele Strings are the real dealnot an imitation. Discover your instrument’s true voice with this professional-grade string pack.