Rossetti 31 Button Diatonic Accordion

Rossetti 31 Button Diatonic Accordion

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The Rossetti 31 Button Diatonic Accordion Is The Ultimate Choice For Students And Intermediate Players Alike! Built With High Quality And Care, The 3112 Features 18 Fold Bellows That Delivers A Deep And Robust Tone. The Stunning Finish And Added Italian Style Decorations Offers Beautiful Aesthetics. Start Playing Accordion Now Without The Attachment Of A High Price Tag!

  • Stunning Gloss Grey Pearl Finish
  • 31 Treble Keys
  • 12 Bass/Chord Buttons
  • Italian Tuning
  • Treble Reeds: 3 Sets
  • Bass Reeds: 2 Sets With 1 Set-In Chord
  • Padded Protective Back
  • Upgraded Button Design For Smooth Playing
  • 18 Fold Bellows For Bigger Robust Tones
  • Includes Straps and Hard Case

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Black, Blue, Red, White, Blue, Black, Grey, Red, Black, Red,White,Green, White, Black

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